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School interventions

The fight against discriminations also happens in schools. Our association intervenes in school settings to increase students' awareness of discriminations based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We think that it is important that students understand LGBTQIA+phobias : to reflect on our identities is to learn to be a citizen.

We adapt our interventions to each school and the level of the students. All of our activities are based on popular education : we do not bring knowledge to the students, we build it with them through games and workshops. Our intervention take the form necessary to the students which could be a pedagogical project with a class or a special day in a school for example.

Our association is not yet accredited by the "Éducation Nationale", however we can still intervene in school settings at the request of a school. Please contact us for more informations.

School intervention 2023
School intervention 2023 with highschool students