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Internal training

We offer trainings and sessions to raise awareness for organisations (businesses, associations, unions, governmental services) who wish to engage in inclusion and the fight against discrimination. We define together the objectives of this session with the organisation to best adapt to its specificities as well as the needs of the team.

On the agenda:

  • deconstructing stereotypes (gender, culture..)
  • raising awareness of different types of discrimination
  • exchanges and sharing experiences

For any need of trainings, you can contact us.

External training

Our association offers trainings to our activists and to members of others LGBTQIA+ associations or associations that have similar goals to give the opportunity to activists to gain knowledge on a variety of subjects :

  • accompanying different publics
  • organizing projects
  • raising awareness and intervene in schools
  • host discussion groups
  • communicating and using the tools of the association

It is important for us to capitalize on our common knowledge to transmit and allow for empowerment within the association. In addition, our trainings allow us to continue the transmission of LGBTQIA+ culture.

Several Flash Our True Colors activists in training
Several activists in training