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Corporate Donation

You would like to donate to Flash Our True Colors ? You can use our donation form on HelloAsso or you can contact us.

Recognition of general interest

Our association has been recognized as being of general interest by public finance service. We fulfill the three criteria that permit our association to emit fiscal receipts to our donators, be they individuals or organisations:

  • a disinterested administration: all of our adminstrators are volunteers.
  • non-profit: the goal of the assocation is not to make a profit.
  • a large public: we work with LGBTQIA+, but also with people who are not directly concerned to educate them!

Donation Tax Reduction


Individuals can benefit from a tax exemption of 66% of their donations, up to 20% of their taxable income.


Companies benefit from a 60% reduction, limited at 0.5% of their revenue.