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How the association functions, especially how it is governed can be difficult to understand. The governance of Flash Our True Colors consists of groups of members of the association, each group is called an instance. Here, we explain the three instances of our association:

Diagram of the governance of the Flash Our True Colors association

General Assembly

The general assembly also called the "AG" is an instance of the association made up of all the members of the association. This is the only instance that can change the statutes: the texts that define the functioning of the association.

This instance usually meets in the first trimester of the year so that the administrative council can present the activities report, the financial report and the moral report from the past year and get these approved by the members via a vote. All of the members have the opportunity to reflect on the projects of the past year and talk about their experiences, successes as well as failures. This is also a moment to celebrate activist work.

Administrative Council

The administrative council also called the “CA” is an instance that administrated the association. The members of this instance are elected each year by all the members of the association during the general assembly. The administrative council meets several times over the course of the year to make important decisions for the association. It also functions as an ethics council.

Within the association Flash Our True Colors, the association administrators have several missions:

  • guarantee the direction of the association and assure that the actions of the association align with the associative project
  • organise the ordinary general assembly and create the activities report, financial report, and the moral report
  • keep the association up-to-date with its administrative obligations (ex. changes at the Prefecture)
  • contribute to grant applications
  • approve memberships to ensure that all members are able to respect the values defended by Flash Our True Colors. They also take disciplinary measures if these values are not respected by a member of the association


Referents can have very diverse missions which aim to be responsable for an axis or a part of an axis of the association, such as accompaniment, communication...

They are named by the administrative council amongst its members, except for two of them:

They are legal representative of the association.

Financial Referent

They are the treasurer and ensure the financial management.

Organizational chart

Administrators :

  • Louis SACHY
  • Eloïse LEULIER
  • Alexis THILLOY
  • Sean TOFFAN

Referents :

  • Louis SACHY : Legal referent
  • Eloïse LEULIER : Financial referent